The Concept

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We are committed to using the best technology available from
all over the world to tailor a solution to fit specific local needs. Elements
that might be included are:An indoor GrowHouse®, a food processing
facility and a waste–to–energy/useful products facility. Use the Build-
Own-Operate approach with a significant portion of private
finance.·Specific energy components could include a low carbon
pyrolysis waste to electricity/synthetic diesel facility, advanced
anaerobic organic waste-to-biochemical/transportation fuel facility
to process organic waste, and biomass power facilities.·Co-located GrowHouse®/indoor farming facility will be a prototype to
test GrowHouse® concepts with a goal of creating a path for
local farmers to own their own GrowHouses®.Food processing facility will provide markets not just for products from the
GrowHouses® but for locally grown food and will create good jobs
and show a new way of feeding the hungry.
PrintEndless Opportunities L3C is a vibrant example of the new wave of social enterprise – the L3C – the for profit with the nonprofit soul. Companies structured as L3Cs (Low-profit Limited Liability Companies) are organized to perform a charitable mission that must come before making a profit, but as a for-profit, free enterprise operate according to for-profit metrics and are net contributors to the economy.  Endless Opportunities, L3C was organized as an umbrella organization to bring together various partners to create a new ecosystem in the growing, processing, and distribution of food and the use of so-called waste materials.  

Website logoEndless Sky is developing programs to sustainably grow food indoors with a GrowHouse® system under LED lighting, turning farming into a 24/7/52 business. Its systems will cut water usage by 90% or more and eliminate agricultural pollution. Land needed to grow   crops will decrease by a factor of 5 to 10 and it will use no pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. Food will be grown for local consumption. The varieties chosen will be selected for flavor and nutritional value first. Endless Sky also plans to develop a network of local food processing centers in order to return food processing to the local communities.

NextGen LogoNextGen is dedicated to creating local energy systems using biomass power and low carbon waste-to-electricity/liquid fuel units, sometimes supplemented by solar and wind power. It will turn unwanted material into valuable products and operate with a negative carbon goal. NextGen is technology-agnostic and works with multiple equipment suppliers. Primary focus is on carbon neutral and carbon negative biomass power and biomass supply projects, and advanced pyrolysis waste-to-electricity/synthetic diesel/aviation fuel systems.


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