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Endless Sky L3C


Endless Opportunities L3C is a vibrant example of the new wave of social enterprise – the L3C – the for profit with the nonprofit soul. Companies structured as L3Cs (Low-profit Limited Liability Companies) are organized to perform a charitable mission that must come before making a profit, but as a for-profit, free enterprise operate according to for-profit metrics and are net contributors to the economy.  Headquartered in Granite Springs, New York, Endless Opportunities, L3C was organized as an umbrella organization to bring together various partners to create a new ecosystem in the growing, processing, and distribution of food and the use of so called waste materials.

Our Concept

Rural America is in trouble. It has an unsustainable ecosystem which places it at the economic mercy of the rest of the country. Endless Sky L3C’s Endless Opportunities Ecosystem is one major piece in the reinvention of Rural America as a vibrant place that not only stands on its own but is a significant contributor to the future of America. We have tackled three major areas – food, waste, energy.


Endless Opportunities L3C has selected Endless Sky L3C to be our partner on the food growing, processing and distribution side of the project. Endless Sky L3C will develop new paradigms in growing, processing and marketing healthy food based on locally grown and processed crops, from human scale prosperous farms that grow sustainably 12 months a year, while reducing the agricultural footprint and reducing pollution, energy use, and waste, all while making a positive contribution to the environment.

GrowHouses will also produce cut flowers and be growers of plants for nutraceuticals, biochemicals & pharmaceuticals. Indoor growing will eliminate many of the objections to specific GMOs by keeping them contained.
Endless Sky L3C is dedicated to returning food processing to local communities and committed to a new solution to feeding the hungry to ensure that everyone has enough healthy, flavorful food 365 days per year.

NextGen LogoEndless Opportunities L3C in keeping with the concept of its revolutionary ecosystem has selected NextGen to be our partner on the waste/power/biochemical side of the project. NextGen is a green power development company, formed by project finance professionals with deep experience in major Asian and American markets. Headquartered in Singapore, NextGen’s current projects include greenfield project development, with initial projects in Singapore, feasibility studies in Thailand and Indonesia. Their primary focus is o low emissions waste–to–energy and biomass power projects.

To learn more about Endless Sky and the L3C, please continue to explore our website and don’t forget to LIKE our page on Facebook!

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