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Endless Sky L3C

logoforiconEndless Sky, L3C is a for-profit business with a social mission.  It’s L3C designation dictates that its mission is foremost in its business model.  The mission of Endless Sky L3C is to provide food for food banks, a market for food producers, and healthy food for schools and other institutions.  Endless Sky can help fill the need for more food resources at food banks and pantries by providing locally grown and processed healthy food for distribution to those families who need to use their local food pantry.  Endless Sky supports the local economy by providing a direct market for food producers to sell their fresh products.  Endless Sky intends to purchase product directly from the farmer or rancher, process it for sale to the retail and institutional markets and use some of its profits to decrease processing costs for the food banks and pantries.  Endless Sky’s business model supports economic development through job creation and the sale of product through local retail establishments.

As funding and other resources become tighter for nonprofits, the L3C business model will become a more viable option to provide services and funds to assist nonprofits in meeting their mission.

Endless Sky is not just a Montana project.  The idea of replicating the Endless Sky, L3C model has become well-established as other states realize its value in helping reduce hunger and food insecurity while increasing the distribution of healthy, locally grown food and in providing good-paying jobs.  Nearly every State in the Nation suffers with high unemployment, families struggling to meet their basic needs and farmers and ranchers who are trying to diversify their revenue through new markets.  Endless Sky’s success can be replicated in any State where there is a desire to grow, process and consume healthy, local food and where the economic health of the State is important to its citizens.

The benefits of the Endless Sky L3C model are far-reaching. As Endless Sky develops its long-term business plan, there are many other options to develop.  For instance,  setting up Kiosks in mini-marts and gas stations in food deserts to provide a healthy choice meal for families where a local grocery store in not accessible.

To learn more about Endless Sky and the L3C, please continue to explore our website and don’t forget to LIKE our page on Facebook!

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